Purchasing physical gold is considered as an ideal way to diversify one’s investments and also bring in a little luck. We wish to provide our customers with ample opportunity to invest in pure gold crafted with the best quality metal. Come, discover the glitz of gold!|~|The Muthoot Group is a flourishing business empire that has pervaded into every big & small town of the country, and is home to 20 diversified divisions and 5000+ branches with a global presence. Over 2 lakh customers visit the branches every day, and The Group has served over 60 crore customers, including repeat customers.



We at Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation, a Muthoot Group endeavor, provide ample opportunities to all of our customers to fulfill their dream of investing in gold with top purity, best quality, and design through various gold purchase schemes. The Firm has its Head Quarters at Kochi, Kerala, which enables people from across the country to buy gold through the network of over 5000+ outlets of Muthoot Finance, the Flagship Company of the Group.


Purity and quality is the philosophy we strive to achieve and give. From sourcing the best raw materials to employing talented craftsmen, we inculcate the best in everything to bring out outstanding quality products. We implement stringent quality checks and good employment practices, so that our customers always find themselves owning the best, pure product, and receiving only the best of services.

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